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KARVT – our favorite iPhone skin

KARVT skins are personally hand-crafted and offer their customers a simple and effective way to completely remodel their computer. KARVT skins are made of 100% real wood, which is both sustainable and eco-friendly. They use a professional grade 3M backing adhesive that sticks perfectly to your notebook that offers lasting results for a perfect skin.

Pack of Dogs Series

Pack of Dogs is a series of wooden pieces in shape of dogs in different sizes and positions. Each piece is named after a famous Mexican wrestler (Dos Caras Jr., Aguayo, El Santo, Alushe, and Místico), it works as a side table, magazine rack, bookshelf, a bench… etc.

The ICONOCLAST Dining Table by IZM

Canadian furniture company IZM have introduced the Iconoclast dining table, which features a base that breaks away from conventional 4 leg designs.