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Carpet Tile Designs by Philippe Starck For Fletco

The driving forces in Philippe Starck’s designs and interiors are joy and love. Starck’s work covers a broad spectrum within industrial and product design. Starck has an impressive list of references for his interior designs, including a long list of exclusive hotels and restaurants all over the world.

With the S+ARCK BY FLETCO collection, Philippe Starck has cast his contagious, high-end and visionary design approach into designing carpets for the first time. In the S+ARCK BY FLETCO collection, Philippe Starck has toyed with figures, icons and patterns. With his characteristically creative approach, he has worked to provide the option to incorporate other materials, such as brushed aluminium, wood, glass, steel and even Nanolight, into carpet tiles, to create very expressive, individual effects.

A plethora of motifs can be combined ad libitum, and the Starck universe is thrown open to the imagination with a choice of 12 different colours that can be freely combined as motif and background to create truly individual tiles.

Philippe Starck has added a new dimension to square carpet tiles so architects, interior decoratorsand designers can also toy with the permutations to create stunning projects.

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Metal Tiles by Karim Rashid for ALLOY

Karim Rashid has designed a collection of metal tiles for the Australian manufacturer ALLOY.

Karim Rashid says:

I have always been obsessed with patterns. Working with ALLOY has given me a great opportunity to play with the idea of pattern, grid, and repetition. A pattern is a way of giving richness and depth to our Cartesian landscape. The more diversity of line, shape, and composition, the more interesting a single cell is. The undulating, curvilinear forms give a 2-dimensional surface a sense of 3-dimensions. These elements repeat in a predictable manner but they are designed to contradict the square tile. This collection for ALLOY is organic in shape because I believe that the world needs a softening and a more fluid human spirit.

Gorgeous tile by Bisazza

Amazing glass mosiac tiles. Love Bisazza showroom!