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Temple Table by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects

Japanese architect Hiroyuki Tanaka designed the structure of this table based on the roof and pillar systems of ancient temples.

Called Temple Table, the wooden design features four interlocking frames made of batons with the same section.

Temple Table

Japanese traditional temple and shrine have many types of architectural vocabulary that have been updated for a great many years. We wanted to carry on the heritage for furniture with respects.

Allumettes by Atelier Oï for Röthlisberger

The striking appearance of the Allumette sofa, table and chair is attributable to its filigree framework design in hardwood sourced from the Arura Vermelho tree. Here, forces and counterforces interplay to accept loads. Elegance and originality combine with stability. The non-varnished wood with its metallike tone is finely polished, allowing its sensual presence to develop fully. The Allumette sofa offers a high degree of seating comfort – and adds an extremely prestigious touch to living spaces and reception areas thanks to its sturdy and distinctive appearance.

Allumettes, by Atelier Oï, for Röthlisberger

Pack of Dogs Series

Pack of Dogs is a series of wooden pieces in shape of dogs in different sizes and positions. Each piece is named after a famous Mexican wrestler (Dos Caras Jr., Aguayo, El Santo, Alushe, and Místico), it works as a side table, magazine rack, bookshelf, a bench… etc.

Caterpillar Trestle by Kawamura-Ganjavian

The Caterpillar Trestle by Kawamura-Ganjavian is a table trestle consisting of a bundle of legs that seem to be set in perpetual motion. It can also be used as an informal stool. The Caterpillar series of benches and tables elaborates on the notion of lightness and redundancy.

The ICONOCLAST Dining Table by IZM

Canadian furniture company IZM have introduced the Iconoclast dining table, which features a base that breaks away from conventional 4 leg designs.

11 vs. 11 Nike Foosball Table

Nike’s 22 person foosball table, located at their Nike Stadium Milan store in Italy. At there foosball lovers can play it 11 vs. 11.

More Pictures of the Nike Stadium Milan :


PUMA, CHALK TABLE. When did sports become so serious? When did being an athlete require you to sacrifice your life? Shouldn’t playing a sport actually involve playing? Let’s bring back the social aspects of sports. Capturing joyful, active moments of life, for a different kind of athlete: The After Hours Athlete. Introducing the CHALK ping-pong table, designed by aruliden for PUMA. Redefining the ping-pong table for that after hours athlete. Made by hand, the chalk table incorporates ash wood legs and a ceramic chalk surface – bringing a whole new spin to the game. Now available at The Conran Shop

[via Aruliden]

Railway table by TOYO KITCHEN STYLE

Railway table by TOYO KITCHEN STYLE

The Colander Table by Daniel Rohr

The Colander Table was designed by a German designer Daniel Rohr.

The table is produced in a CNC milling process that starts with a piece of aluminum for the table top that weighs 408kg (900lb). The block of aluminum is milled down to a bowl shape with 909 holes in it. The 4 legs are made from one massive round aluminum bar. The complete timeline for producing one table from the first milling to the final polishing takes around 4 weeks.

You can watch a YouTube video of the production process – here.

The table will be a limited edition of 10 pieces.

The German designer – Daniel Rohr


Beautiful Table – Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman Unveils New Work at Friedman Benda
First U.S. Solo Exhibition, Opens March 4, 2010

About Joris Laarman

Joris Laarman was born in the Netherlands in 1979, and graduated cum laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003. While still in school he created the “heatwave radiator,” a design widely-lauded and incorporated into museum collections such as the Cooper-Hewitt and Fond national d’art contemporain, Puteaux, France, and has been produced by Droog. In 2004, he received Wallpaper’s “Young Designer of the Year” award, and in the same year established his studio and laboratory. He has since received the Red Dot design award (2006), the Woon award (2007), and the international Elle deco award (2008). He has collaborated with Flos, Vitra, Swarovskki, and Droog.

Joris Laarman Lab

March 4 – April 10, 2010
Friedman Benda, New York, NY