Sofa Archive

Kitchen Sofa by Johanna Westin

Johanna Westin, Lisa Frode and Emma Nilsson are on a mission to bring back the traditional kitchen sofa. They created a kitchen sofa that offers the same functions as the traditional one but has been adapted to our modern way of life.

Seat storage has been divided into two parts making it easy to reach and organize the content. Since many homes today have an open floor plan, the back of the sofa provides storage for books, newspapers or magazines. It is made of locally-produced Swedish pine with small elm details.

Allumettes by Atelier Oï for Röthlisberger

The striking appearance of the Allumette sofa, table and chair is attributable to its filigree framework design in hardwood sourced from the Arura Vermelho tree. Here, forces and counterforces interplay to accept loads. Elegance and originality combine with stability. The non-varnished wood with its metallike tone is finely polished, allowing its sensual presence to develop fully. The Allumette sofa offers a high degree of seating comfort – and adds an extremely prestigious touch to living spaces and reception areas thanks to its sturdy and distinctive appearance.

Allumettes, by Atelier Oï, for Röthlisberger

The Split Personality Sofa by Ditte Maigaard

Danish designer Ditte Maigaard has created the Split Personality sofa.

Split Personality has been created based on two opposite types of personalities.The nature of their differences supplement each other and give the furniture a wide range of applications.

The shape and the textile expression has been created in unison, and it is exactly in the meeting of the textile and the shape of the furniture where the Split Personality
really comes into character.