Papercut Archive

Chinese Paper Cuttings Make Artful False Eyelashes

The series of works starts serial inspiration design from the Chinese paper-cutting art.
The engrave visual effect of the works recur a slip of the traditional culture.
Eyelashes not only has been pass down the culture meaning of paper-cutting,
but also enrich the story of totem, to show the new fashion and sexy with the beautiful gesture.

Designed by Ting yu Wang


New York Installation- Jeffrey Paper Wigs

Flurry and Salk’s custom-made paper art installations are fueled by a love of fashion and an appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material.

Intricate Scenes Inside Toilet Rolls (5pics)

When most people see a bare toilet roll, instincts tell them to throw it away. But as they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. French artist Anastassia Elias saw the artistic potential in toilet rolls, and proceeded to create intricate scenes inside of them.


I love you more than sleep

Love this large and lacy papercut decal by Robert Ryan.