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Miffy Lamp comes with its LED features and adorable essence

Dutch artist Dick Bruna would tell his one year old son stories about a little bunny he had once seen while on holiday in a village off the coast of the North Sea. Hence, miffy (or nijntie in Dutch) was born.

While starting out as a simple picture book, miffy’s distinctively cute design has been used on clothes, stationery, toys and now lamps. This charming lightning piece exudes a soft, warm glow – ideal for storytelling with the young ones at bed time, or even as décor for any modern interior.

To know miffy is to love miffy. Even if you’re not familiar with this cute and quirky character from Holland’s best-selling children’s book series, you can still invite her into your home to light up your life. Sweet and serene, the miffy lamps work as nightlight for kids and adults alike.

Dimensions – LxWxH = 16 x 16 x 31 (in inches).

Price – €209 (around $272)

Via: Mrmaria

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vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger

German designer Hanna Krüger has created the vaiss.eau pendant lamps.

vaiss.eau Pendant Lamps by Hanna Krüger

The design of the pendant light traces back to forms of historical glasbottles and bowls. It tries to re-imagine the functions of commonplace items. The design of this mouth-blown, double-walled transparent glass body is concerning the relationship of traditional manual methods of production and the design of contemporary products

The exterior form and especially the inward curvature at the bottom are typical for historical glasbottles. In the manual production the curvature at the bottom of a bottle had production-related as well as user-determined reasons. In the concept for this pendant lights, some aspects will be re-interpreted and for this purpose, will be functionally and aesthetically raised up in a new context.
The body combines lampshade, reflector and light space in a unique form. The curvature at the bottom side is frosted. It serves as entry for the illuminate and at the same time as reflector. The cable is led upwards through the hollow space of the glass body. The volume inside gives place to incorporate the windings of the cable and to let them become elements of design.

Depending on the height of the hanging assembly more or less cable is curling in the inner space of the lamp. Through the transparent surface and the visible technical components as the cable and the hanging, the object is changing between lamp and technical glass gadget. As soon as the object is filled with light, a vitreous light container seems to arise: a luminous vessel.

Visit Hanna Krüger’s website – here

Love the Bird by Marc Dibeh

Marc Dibeh of Lebanon has designed a table-top lamp with a sex toy stowed in its side.

Called Love the Bird, a bird perched on a vibrator doubles up as a sex toy and a switch for the lamp, determining the colour of the light when inserted.

The lamp is yellow with the switch inserted and turns red when removed.

The object was designed to provide a sex toy hidden in an everyday object that could be sold in shops without taboo.

Love the bird by Marc Dibeh

In certain countries (like in the middle east i.e.) sex toys are taboo and their shops are forbidden, so the point was to create a sex toy hidden in an element that could be sold in the shop front of a home accessories boutique.

The choice was to have a bedside lamp with an integrated sex toy. The lamp was the solution due to its size, its place near the bed and its light which could set the mood of the room.

This way anyone could think that it’s a simple table lamp without doubting that the item hides a naughty little secret. The “bird” became a switch determining the color of the light depending on its use. This way the lamp turns on yellow, and during the use of the hidden toy, the light turns red.

The NLC Lamp by Constantin Wortmann for NEXT

German designer Constantin Wortmann has created the NLC Lamp for the manufacturer NEXT.

At a first glance, NLC  perplexes with its positively striking and yet strangely puzzling appearance. Its special appeal lies in the seeming conflict between the chaotic and the organic. NLC draws its inspiration as much from the head of Medusa as from the finely trellised branches of a treetop. One of the reasons for the luminaire’s attractiveness certainly stems from the fact that the design invisibly incorporates the light source. The white cover hides the light fittings and is easily adjusted to create the desired amount of illumination. Dimmable LEDs offer an additional option of controlling the level of brightness. Due to the E14 fittings NLC can be used either with LEDs or standard energy-saving lamps.

Funnel Lamps by Bevk Perovic

Slovenian architects Bevk Perovic have designed the Funnel lamp collection for Vertigo Bird.

The lamp’s design owes its form to the funnel, a highly typical household object, something all our grandmothers used in their kitchens, bottling and decanting wine, olive oil and similar throughout their lifetimes.

While a familiar object it’s also been transformed into a new one, hanging above the kitchen or dining table as a recognizable, iconic light source – a small funell that serves as a ceiling rosette, a large one casting light onto the horizontal surface below.

The same elements are further transformed into table and floor lamps, with a large pivoting funnel shade that allows for specific directing of the light. A tube-like ray of light projects up and out of the top of the shade, creating a playful dot on the ceiling or neighbouring walls.

Creative Lamps by Modoloco

Malena by Milan-based Modoloco is a single colored aluminum sheet with ends cut in the shape of a lamp that makes a lampshade to becomes a lamp.