Installation Archive

Running Installation

Here is the installation “Ready. Steady. Go “by architects and Janser Sandra Elisabeth Koller, who transformed the district of Graz in Austria. The goal was to redefine the streets as a racetrack. A bright red plant and atmosphere present in 750 meters

Audiovisual installation, May 2009 Mutek festival, Montreal – Canada

For the occasion of MUTEK_10, the Old Port’s Conveyors’ Tower becomes the object of AntiVJ’s attentions, as they bring the structure back to life with mapping projections.
Olivier Ratsi
Joanie Lemercier
Thomas Vaquié
Nicolas Boritch, Hugues Monfroy

Textural art installation by Eunsuk Hur

Stunning textural art installation by a London textile designer Eunsuk Hur. Gorgeous!!! See more here

Design Bar by Jonas Wagell at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010

Stockholm 2010: designer Jonas Wagell of Sweden created an installation representing the forest and the city for the Design Bar at the Stockholm Furniture Fair last week.

The area was divided into two parts with the bar labelled “the industry” and the VIP area labelled “the forest”.

Furnished with Wagells’ own furniture and lighting, the two spaces had large balloons suspended from the ceiling representing white clouds over the forest and black smoke for the industrial theme.

Cutouts in the shape of mountains and trees were positioned on the forest side, and corresponding buildings and clouds of smoke on the other.

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New York Installation- Jeffrey Paper Wigs

Flurry and Salk’s custom-made paper art installations are fueled by a love of fashion and an appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material.