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Air New Zealand completely redesigns seating

Forward-thinking airline Air New Zealand has really taken a step into the future with a new cabin design that totally enhances the comfort of passengers on long-haul flights. And not just in First Class either! They made extensive changes in the Economy and Economy Plus cabins too. The picture above is actually from their new Economy seating where couples or families can purchase all 3 seats in a row for only 2 1/2 times the single price. The three seats then convert into a completely flat bed.

If you want real comfort though check out these pictures of the new Business Class.

More information and pictures are available here

Church of The Light by Tadao Ando

The stunning architecture of Osaka’s Church of The Light. Designed by Tadao Ando and built in 1989.

Braun SK-6 by Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot

Braun SK-6 by industrial design geniuses Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot.

Plus Bike concept by Dovetusai Studio

Very interesting concept bicycle by Fabio Bortolani and Ermanno Righi of Dovetusai Studio.

Note that the front and rear lights are both contained in the horizontal tube.


Head in the clouds

The 6″ laser cut Cloud Shelf by Estela Lugo is sweet and simple.

Creative Lamps by Modoloco

Malena by Milan-based Modoloco is a single colored aluminum sheet with ends cut in the shape of a lamp that makes a lampshade to becomes a lamp.





Swissarmius cutlery holder & Mus2 Cordless Mouse

 Swissarmius Cutlery Holder by Art Lebedev Studio.

Mus2 Cordless Mouse by Art Lebedev Studio.

Expandable Maternity Dresses

Expandable maternity dresses by Marisol Rodriguez that can be worn forever.

Custom bookcase by dbd studio

Washington-based dbd Studio recently has completed an organic bookshelf specifically designed and built for a condo in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, it stretched from floor to ceiling and overhead, and terminated at the existing bulkhead.
Special attention was paid to avoid interfering with the recessed lights, sprinkler heads, air vents and fire alarms along the hallway ceiling.

Cable Drawings

How clever is this idea from Royal College of Art graduate Maisie Maud Broadhead!