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LC470 2010 Sports Car – Lucra

Here is the new Lucra LC 470, the two-seater that draws on European classical 50s. V8 engine with original GM, it accelerates from 0-60 miles in 3.4 sec. a speed exceeding 257 km / h. Built in Los Angeles, it combines modern driving comfort, exceptional handling and superb aerodynamic shapes. The LC 470 is sold from US$ 85,000.

If you live in the US and you have got enough cash in your pocket, sure this is a beautiful toy you would like to have!

Lucra’s official site is receiving a 1000 hits a day, you may want to heat it up a bit more! :)

A sexy electric car – Audi e-tron

“Audi restated that a production version of the e-tron will go on sale in late 2012, and this most recent concept is a clearer indication of what we’ll see on the road in two year’s time. Not only that, but Audi insists that the name “e-tron” will be a brand within the brand – like Quattro is today – and that means more e-tron-equipped models are most definitely in our future.” – autoblog

Audi e-tron

Alfa Romeo Pandion

Here are the first pictures of Alfa Romeo concept Pandion, conceived by the coachbuilder Berton to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Italian brand. A 2 +2 coupe with wide futuristic glass surfaces and a grille V. More pictures in the following section.

In the same spirit: Alfa Romeo Fastback Sedan

Alfa Romeo FastBack Sedan 2017 concept

Alfa Romeo FastBack Sedan 2017 concept
Alfa Romeo FastBack Sedan 2017 – a concept car developed by American designer Jacob McMurry in Los Angeles. The Concept is an executive class sedan, with glass ceiling and side panels which can change their degree of transparency. McMurry says that he was inspired by the design of the cars of ’30s competition cars, but also by the famous Venice Carnival.

Designer: Jacob Mcmurry