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Steel Stool by Noon Studio

Steel Stool is a minimalist prototype created by London- and Avignon-based Noon Studio. The studio was created by two designers, Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taïani, about five years ago

Materially speaking, Steel Stool is as simple as it looks. The wooden Y-frame is supported by a thing sheet of steel, and measures a cube of 350×350x350mm. The stools can be assembled together to create an interestingly modular storage system. There is also a handle cutout on one end of the Y-frame.

I mainly love this piece due to its stark simplicity and contrasting use of materials. The industrially worn steel is perfectly juxtaposed alongside the smoothness of the oak. Put together as a bookshelf, the materials are even more defined and contrasting.


Head in the clouds

The 6″ laser cut Cloud Shelf by Estela Lugo is sweet and simple.

Custom bookcase by dbd studio

Washington-based dbd Studio recently has completed an organic bookshelf specifically designed and built for a condo in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC, it stretched from floor to ceiling and overhead, and terminated at the existing bulkhead.
Special attention was paid to avoid interfering with the recessed lights, sprinkler heads, air vents and fire alarms along the hallway ceiling.

Tree that grows books

childrens furniture tree bookcase shawn soh
Tree Bookshelf from designer Shawn Soh

Unique and unusual bookcases

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