Bar Archive

Zebar by 3GATTI Architecture Studio

This bar in Shanghai by 3GATTI Architecture Studio has an undulating cave-live form created by apertures cut into fins along its length

ZEBAR (a live bar in Shanghai) This project was born in 2006 when a Singaporean movie director and an ex musician from the south of China decided to open a live bar in Shanghai.

Each of the boards used to make the fins and shape the interior was cut by hand.


The Cello Bar by Lime Studio

Lime Studio have completed the Cello bar/cafe in Kilkis, Greece.

From the designers:

“The design aimed to expose the height of the space by colouring all the infrastructure of the ceiling. With polished concrete surfaces untreated wood, classic and custom furniture, the space has an industrial yet warm and inviting interior.”

Burgundy Wine Bar/Restaurant Lighting by PSLAB

PSLAB, a Lebanese company who design and build site-specific lighting, have completed a lighting project for the Burgundy wine bar/restaurant in Beirut, Lebanon.

Description from PSLAB:

A lighting project for a wine bar/restaurant having a substructure of wooden arched beams cutting through a wire mesh covering the ceiling. The setting of the space underneath the substructure is functionally divided into two sections: a bar area and a dining area. Highlighting the dual function, the lighting objects are set on two parallel axes over these two sections.

Suspended from the arcs, each light object is a set of conical tubes conceived to fill a circular-shaped area. Clustering in the circle, the tubes start at the center; moving radially, they begin to deviate at an angle of 25 degrees to reach an angle of 45 degrees. This deviation renders a chandelier-like object, with a bottom curved outline opposite to that of the ceiling. The cluster of the tubes housing the bulbs creates an effect of a singular light source being filtered.

The entrance is lit by a set of black projectors also using the arched beams for fixation; the groove in the beams encloses the technical parts box, while the head of the projector is left loose to rotate shedding light in different directions.


Bar Rouge – Shanghai

Naço Architectures was chosen to give a new look and create a new draw to Bar Rouge: A dazzling gem-studded interior design by the French agency based in China with its structures carved from taut lines and sharp edges. In order to offer two nights in one, more of a lounge atmosphere for the first part of the evening and a club mood from 11pm, Naço has also transformed the venue by opening out the space to make it more elegant and to allow clients to benefit from the party atmosphere in full.

The bar is at the heart of this sparkling space, overhung by a red structure, it gleams like a ruby. These luminous structures, like metallic latticework, continue above the VIP areas, on the ceiling and walls in order to shine over the whole Bar. Another key element, the DJ’s booth, is the bevelled shape of a precious stone.
Around the central bar, new VIP areas divide up the area. The Crystal VIP room is the icing on the cake providing the glam side to Bar Rouge. It dominates most of the room and allows VIPs to peruse the lounge as it gradually changes into a club.
On the terrace, the black and the gilt integrate providing a festive and hushed atmosphere.