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Art Warehouse in Boeotia by A31 Architecture

A31 Architecture have designed a workshop for an artist in Boeotia, Greece.

Description from the architects:

Between olive, oleander and cypress trees, in a 4000 m2 plot and a few meters away from his dwelling in Dilesi, Boeotia, the ancient Delion, the erection of the new workshop of painter and sculptor Alexandros Liapis was determined. A part of the landscape was incorporated in the open-space sculpture gallery, hosting the artist’s creations. The basic criteria of the new structure’s synthesis were: the economy of its realization means, its construction honesty and discipline, its plasticity which would converse with the spirit of the Greek landscape. The new structure is a shell comprised of fair-faced reinforced concrete, completed in three separate phases. The dome, a timeless and interregional architectural coronation element spanning from antiquity to Modernism, interacts with the intimate space of the artist’s house, the “cell”.

The new structure is located in the North-South axis, while the orthogonal plan view is divided into 3 zones: Firstly, the cantilever with the balcony in the South, where the entrance is situated, secondly, the artist’s workspace and finally the attic in the North which serves as a storage space. A straight staircase connects the two levels, while the cantilevered concrete steps can serve as exhibition stands for the artist’s work. The wall openings, which relate to the Sun’s trajectory, the interior lighting and the ventilation, stem from transverse horizontal sections in the building shell. The sliced concrete blocks that are removed now function as benches for people and pedestals for sculptures.

Livaria de Vila by Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto

Livaria de Vila is a book shop in São Paulo where the store front is made of revolving bookcases, designed by Brazilian studio Isay Weinfeld Arquitecto. The walls of each level are covered with shelves from floor to ceiling and apertures between floors are lined with books too.

[Via dezeen]

Macquarie Bank headquarters, One Shelley Street – Alive Wilkinson Architects

Macquarie Bank headquarters, One Shelley Street – Alive Wilkinson Architects

One Shelley Street is an effort to reframe the requirements and performance of the 21st Century office. On behalf of the Macquarie Group, Clive Wilkinson Architects implemented a radical, large-scale workplace design that leverages mobility, transparency, multiple tailor-made work settings, destination work plazas, follow-me technology, and carbon neutral systems. The result is part space station, part cathedral, and part vertical Greek village.

source: Clive Wilkinson Architects

Modern Architecture: Tower Grows Its Own Skin

Conceptualized by California-based architecture firm Faulders Studio, GEOtube is a new kind of urban sculptural tower proposed for Dubai that uses salt water to grow its own skin.

The building sucks up water from the Persian Gulf (the source of the world’s saltiest ocean water) through a 3 mile (4.62 km) underground pipeline, and then sprays it over a mesh facade. As the water evaporates and salt deposits aggregate over time, the tower’s appearance transforms from a transparent skin to a highly visible white solid plane. The result is a specialized habitat that provides an accessible surface to harvest salt.

T-Magi Shop by WE architecture

The design of specialist tea retailer, T-magi is intended to allow the shop itself to be perceived as the display window. The designers have used the teapot as the motif for both the shop, logo and PR material. Tiny backlit holes perforate the shelves and back wall providing a large 3D image of a teapot–a powerful eye-catcher. The image of the teapot dissolves as you approach and becomes part of the display stands of the shop.

T-Magi, Copenhagen, Denmark by WE architecture, Photography by Enok Holsegaard

The Otto Bock Building by Gnädinger Architects

Gnädinger Architects have completed the Otto Bock building in Berlin, Germany.

The building was designed for the Otto Bock HealthCare company, a world leader in prosthetics and orthotics. The organic-dynamic design of the six-storey building is based on the principles of nature – as a model of harmony between technology and people. The facade bands have modeled the structure of muscle fibers that encircle the building structure in soft form. The “soft” appearance, combined with a unique facade media production, is an open, friendly and accessible institution, and thus contributes to the image building of the company.

Visit the website of Gnädinger Architects – here.

Kwas: New Cross Tower

Kwas: New Cross Tower

kwas architecture has added a cross tower to an existing church to aid in its recognition as a religious structure in tokorozawa, japan. its previous gymnasium like appearance created a poor reflection of its christian community and religious activities.

Ong and Ong Design

Ong and Ong Design

Villa Dali in The Netherlands by 123DV Architecture

Villa Dali in The Netherlands by 123DV Architecture

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Church of The Light by Tadao Ando

The stunning architecture of Osaka’s Church of The Light. Designed by Tadao Ando and built in 1989.