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Apple iPad 2

The all-new Apple iPad 2 has been officially unveiled, with only eight days until they’re in the hands of the buying public. The iPad 2 was shown by none other than Steve Jobs himself, who took a brief break from his medical leave to champion Apple’s latest device. The new iPad features a new, lighter design, twice the processing power, a front-mounted FaceTime-friendly camera and extended battery life.

The iPad 2 is not only slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, it’s also available in white. Apple trimmed the back and edges of Number Two a little bit, saving space and weight for your tired hands. The new iPad also includes a colorful case that can be folded into itself to create a stand, a visual and functional element that provides a bit of security as well.

The front-mounted camera gives the iPad access to the iOS FaceTime App, allowing iPad users to communicate amongst themselves visually, or with those who have a late model iPhone with a front-mounted camera.

Apple has boosted the performance power of the iPad 2, giving it a dual-core A5 processor which effectively doubles its performance over the last model. The new version also includes a visual processing upgrade, giving nine times the graphics speed for games and visually-focused apps. The new battery is more efficient and longer lasting, giving up to 10 hours of use before a recharge is needed.

The new Apple iPad 2 will begin shipping next week, with an expected release date of March 11th. The pricing remains the same, with a non-3G model starting at $499.


Fingerist Instrument for iPhone/iPod touch

Countless iPhone / iPod touch application has been released for the application that he is popular instrument among them.  Guitar and bass are flooded with applications from a wide variety of piano and ocarina.  EVENNO (Ebenno) of The Fingerist (Fingarisuto) is, iPhone / iPod touch app instruments, music adapter that can be played almost like a guitarist.

The Fingerist (Fingarisuto) is unprecedented style iPhone / iPod touch accessories, so that you can play real instruments playing musical instruments in particular applications.  Built-in speaker for six hours to drive three AA batteries, it can also perform live.

iPhone / iPod touch to play as is, it is difficult to hold with one hand and body so small, they narrowed the width of the play.  The Fingerist if you play with, you can concentrate on playing the instrument itself.

Equipped with a line output so who can live an authentic, can also be played at high volume connected to a guitar amplifier, the core of the band Guitarist, along with “Fingerist *” to big success as be.

But iPhone 3G/3GS iPod touch (2nd/3rd) to enjoy it, because it is bundled with an adapter-type silicon case, and will fit well either.  In addition, it can also be used as a speaker for playing music, say the item is excellent for everyday use.

Apple’s iPhone 4 – Coming June 24th

Steve Jobs just announced the release of the New iPhone 4 which features a front facing camera for video calls ( wifi only ). It also comes with the new Retina Display, which is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models.They also have tons of new features that you can view in their site, It will be available for sale on June 24th but you can pre-order on June 15th.

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