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Ar Vag, Portable Rowboat by Thibault Penven

Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) student Thibault Penven has designed a folding boat.

Called Ar Vag, the vessel comprises rigid boards sewn into a waterproof skin so it can be unfolded quickly and stiffened by pushing two folding rods, like tent poles, into pockets in the rim. A wooden plank inserted through apertures in the walls holds the whole thing under tension and forms a seat.

The project was on show at an exhibition of work from ECAL students called Too Cool for School in Milan last month.

(found on Fancy)

Musical Glasses

The Musical Glass is a wine glass turned into a playful instrument perfect for dinner parties. The graphics on the glasses are musical notations that correspond to the level of the liquid in the glass and will accurately produce the correct note when the user runs their fingers along the rim of the glass.

A full set of 12 glasses will cover a complete octave on the keyboard. Just fill or drink to the appropriate mark to start the liquid orchestra.

The glasses are now made from Austrian crystal and produce a crisper note.


Aston Martin – One-77 Cycle

The Aston Martin One-77 Cycle is the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle. Designed, engineered and built in Britain, the One-77 Cycle features technology and innovations derived from racing car technology, together with the highest levels of fabrication and craftsmanship.

A fully integrated synthesis of cutting edge forms and space age materials, the bicycle has been developed alongside parts for F1™, Le Mans, MOTO GP and some of the world’s fastest road cars. From the outset, the One-77 Cycle was conceived as a training aid for the serious athlete, with a fully integrated, multi-channel ergonometric data recording system that provides a rich, in-depth record of athletic performance.

Designed and manufactured by bf1systems, the One-77 Cycle benefits from the cross-pollination of their extensive experience, expertise and devotion to building the very best road bicycle on the market, without compromise.

The One-77 Cycle is a fitting partner for the Aston Martin One-77, the most elegant, sophisticated and powerful road car the company has ever built. Both machines have much in common; a clean sheet design, developed from the ground up to showcase the most extraordinary potential of modern design, craft and engineering.

Limited to just 77 pieces, like the car itself, the One-77 Cycle is available in seven exclusive Aston Martin colours, with hand-stitched trimming of both the saddle and handlebars detailing that mirrors the craftsmanship and quality integral to every Aston Martin road car.

The Swing Table

The Swing Table by Duffy London.
“Putting a little extra fun into dinner time, this four poster table uses its structure to suspend a central GEO lampshade and eight hanging chairs that sway playfully.
This design creates an exceptionally divergent dining experience and aesthetic, creating a room within a room, with chairs that hover around the table, it also makes vacuuming a breeze.”
The Swing Table is $7,790, for rich guys!


The elegant Form Follows Function table by Daan… from NOTCOT.ORG

The elegant Form Follows Function table by Daan Mulder.


Hilla Shamia’s Innovative “Wood Casting” Technique


Just when we think we’ve seen every permutation of common production methods and materials under the sun, someone comes up with a new one. Israeli industrial designer Hilla Shamia’s “wood casting” technique involves pouring molten aluminum directly onto dead tree trunks. The surface of the word gets burned, as you’d imagine, and the molten metal flows into the cracks, “completing” the voids in the wood with a shinier surrogate.


via Core77

SHELVES For Life by William Warren

These shelves are designed to last you a lifetime. The wood will colour, the surfaces will mark and stain and over the years and the furniture will become a part of you.

When you die, the shelves can be taken apart and reassembled as a coffin. The brass plate under the bottom shelf, that tells the story about this transformation, is then flipped over and you’re dates inscribed on it.

The shelves were first launched at the British Library during the 2005 London Design Festival.




Beautiful deck of cards with Helvetica.

As Myers explains on his site, “I wanted to take a new approach on how the cards are used and bring them to a more usable and modern design.”

The queen: a pantone guide

During her 60 year reign, Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe has never lost its youthful and vibrant focus on colour. PANTONE and Leo Burnett London created this limited edition colour guide of the Queen’s ensembles in honour of her Diamond Jubilee. The guide features some of the Queen’s most notable colour choices including Primrose Yellow (the colour of her dress for William and Kate’s wedding last year) or Crystal Blue (her most frequently worn colour group). Pantone noted that perhaps the Queen dresses monochromatically to add a more stately height to her 5’4″ frame. With this book and Vogue magazine’s feature, the Queen has cemented her role as a true colour tastemaker… (I haven’t quite figured out if this book is for sale yet? I would love to see it in person. I am hoping it features both the pastel shades and stronger, more jewel tone colours that anchor The Queen’s wardrobe)

(photographs via pantone & leo burnett london via yatzer)

Designy Temporary Tattoos by Tattly

James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem once said that “The best way to complain is to make things,” and that’s what Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Tattly did.

Tired of putting poorly designed temporary tattoos on her daugther’s arm, she took matters into her own hands. In July of 2011, Tattly Temporary Tattoos launched online, featuring an all-star lineup of professional designers and illustrators. Starting with just a handful of different designs, Tattly received thousands of orders from around the world.

There are now over 150 designs available both online and in select retailers worldwide. Since launching, Tattly has shipped millions of tattoos to more than 90 countries.

Continuing to partner with leading artists and retailers, Tattly has found that the world was indeed waiting for designy temporary tattoos.