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Mutewatch is a Swedish company based in Stockholm who have designed a simple, intuitive watch that, at first glance, doesn’t even look like a watch at all.

The sleek, plain bracelet-like design doesn’t function until you tap the flat surface. An LED touchscreen will then light up and you can swipe through its different functions: clock, alarm, and timer. Easily set the time by tapping the digits. In addition, it has a motion sensor to adjust its vibration to your movement.

Naoto Fukasawa: infobar for iida

‘infobar A01 – nishikigoi’ android™ 2.3

it has been eight years since the release of the first-generation ‘infobar’ cell phone by japanese designer naoto fukasawa
for mobile phone producer iida. collaborating together once again, the newest edition, ‘infobar A01′ references the
formal DNA of the first-generation device, with the smartphone re-design exhibiting the same signature tile-like keys,
hand fitting form and similar palette of colors as its predecessor.

‘infobar A01 – chocomint’ android™ 2.3

‘infobar A01 – hacca’ android™ 2.3

‘infobar A01 – kuro’ android™ 2.3

‘infobar A01′ profile views

possible interface configurations

the phone’s user interface has been developed by web and interface designer yuugo nakamura.
the device’s home screen consists of a simple vertical window in which you can resize icons to press,
hold and freely rearrange. there is also the section bar which makes it easy to organize your home screen,
applications and widgets, whereby you can instantly move them to the location of your choice.
‘infobar A01′ runs on android™ 2.3 and will be available in july 2011.


Situationist iPhone app by benrik

the ’situationist’ app for iPhone encourages the art of impromptu encounters

situationist‘, an iPhone app created by UK-based interventionist art duo benrik (ben carey and henrik delehag),

an iPhone app which is the brainchild of benrik,  developed by Turned On Digital as part of joint venture,

uses the built-in framework of mobile networks to turn all the world into a stage for new meetings and surprise encounters,
springing out of the the ideas and exercises of the situationist international in the 1960’s.

upon downloading the app and thus joining the impromptu situationist collective, members upload a photo of themselves
and select from a list the situations that they would like to have happen to them. from that moment on,
any member in the same geographic area as another user is able to suggest a ’situation’ to him.
the two then have five minutes to find one another and complete the task that they have challenged themselves to.

current ’situations’ range from ‘ask me for my autograph’, and ‘high five me’
to ’stare me out for 2 minutes’, ‘help me rouse everyone around us into revolutionary fervour and storm the nearest TV station’, and ‘write down your first impression of me and hand it to me’.

from left to right: member profile page; any user can select another in the same area as the target for an impromptu ’situation’; each user’s history of successful ’situations’ is recorded

out of safety and privacy concerns, ’situationist’ is moderated: the possible situations to enact are selected from a list,
rather than entered by hand (although users may suggest new actions for possible inclusion). user photos are screened
to prevent what benrik coins ‘chatroulette-style exhibitionism’, and any problems can be easily reported.

benrik adds: ‘[the 'situationist' application] is a protest against the demonization of strangers encouraged by the media.
in a time when strangers are depicted as potential sex offenders and stalkers rather than fellow human beings
to join forces with, may it help to fight back!’

left: the list of ’situations’; right: a ’situation’ challenge in progress

via fastco via designboom

Apple iPad 2

The all-new Apple iPad 2 has been officially unveiled, with only eight days until they’re in the hands of the buying public. The iPad 2 was shown by none other than Steve Jobs himself, who took a brief break from his medical leave to champion Apple’s latest device. The new iPad features a new, lighter design, twice the processing power, a front-mounted FaceTime-friendly camera and extended battery life.

The iPad 2 is not only slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, it’s also available in white. Apple trimmed the back and edges of Number Two a little bit, saving space and weight for your tired hands. The new iPad also includes a colorful case that can be folded into itself to create a stand, a visual and functional element that provides a bit of security as well.

The front-mounted camera gives the iPad access to the iOS FaceTime App, allowing iPad users to communicate amongst themselves visually, or with those who have a late model iPhone with a front-mounted camera.

Apple has boosted the performance power of the iPad 2, giving it a dual-core A5 processor which effectively doubles its performance over the last model. The new version also includes a visual processing upgrade, giving nine times the graphics speed for games and visually-focused apps. The new battery is more efficient and longer lasting, giving up to 10 hours of use before a recharge is needed.

The new Apple iPad 2 will begin shipping next week, with an expected release date of March 11th. The pricing remains the same, with a non-3G model starting at $499.


Fingerist Instrument for iPhone/iPod touch

Countless iPhone / iPod touch application has been released for the application that he is popular instrument among them.  Guitar and bass are flooded with applications from a wide variety of piano and ocarina.  EVENNO (Ebenno) of The Fingerist (Fingarisuto) is, iPhone / iPod touch app instruments, music adapter that can be played almost like a guitarist.

The Fingerist (Fingarisuto) is unprecedented style iPhone / iPod touch accessories, so that you can play real instruments playing musical instruments in particular applications.  Built-in speaker for six hours to drive three AA batteries, it can also perform live.

iPhone / iPod touch to play as is, it is difficult to hold with one hand and body so small, they narrowed the width of the play.  The Fingerist if you play with, you can concentrate on playing the instrument itself.

Equipped with a line output so who can live an authentic, can also be played at high volume connected to a guitar amplifier, the core of the band Guitarist, along with “Fingerist *” to big success as be.

But iPhone 3G/3GS iPod touch (2nd/3rd) to enjoy it, because it is bundled with an adapter-type silicon case, and will fit well either.  In addition, it can also be used as a speaker for playing music, say the item is excellent for everyday use.

Apple’s iPhone 4 – Coming June 24th

Steve Jobs just announced the release of the New iPhone 4 which features a front facing camera for video calls ( wifi only ). It also comes with the new Retina Display, which is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models.They also have tons of new features that you can view in their site, It will be available for sale on June 24th but you can pre-order on June 15th.

For full details check out Apple.

Solar Sanctuary by Jo Angell

Solar Sanctuary is a shade structure that mimics the lovely scene of a sun-dappled tree canopy. Under Jo’s Solar Sanctuary, you are protected from harmful UV rays by enchanting modules made from lasercut materials and softly coloured projection screens. When light streams through the apertures, curious visual patterns draw us out of the sun and into the shade.  This effect can also be adapted for interior use to change the atmosphere and colourscheme of a space.

Yves Béhar’s DIY Spectacles Help Mexican Students See, Learn Better

“See Better to Learn Better” is a free eyeglasses program in partnership with the Mexican government. The collaboration between the non-profit and Yves Béhar/fuseproject has lead to Collección Escolar 2010. A collection of customizable and iconic corrective eyewear that is specifically designed for students, ages 6-18 years old.

The glasses are designed with two part frames that are fully customizable with top and bottom colors that can be mixed and matched to fit all children’s personal choices.

The glasses, produced by Mexican eyeglass manufacturer Augen, are designed to be worn beyond the classrooms utilizing materials, advanced Gilamid plastic, with its hyper-flexible property, making them practically indestructible.

Students can also create their very own pair of glasses with their favorite styles, size and color combinations through the special options catalogue.

“The aim of “See Better to Learn Better” is to provide a solution to children in families that cannot afford the high cost of an eye exam and eyewear. The program gives a free eye exam administered in schools and students pick their own frames. The prescription and desired frames are produced locally by Augen, a Mexican company, and then delivered to the schools.” – fuseproject

Multicolr Search Lab

They extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.

Try it:

PLY Mobile Phone Concept by Kamihara Hideo

Designer Kamihara Hideo has developed a new mobile phone concept inspired by the cross-cut grains of plywood. The PLY Mobile Phone Concept is a simple, stylish, slider-style mobile phone with the sectional wooden feel of layered plywood. PLY features hardware control built into the “grains” of the device, a range of cascading buttons that offer thumb-friendly control functionality. The business end of the phone is exposed with a simple slide, where the alpha-numeric keypad is hidden when at rest. While we normally tune out any mobile without a qwerty keypad, this design by Hideo has us willing to give up full-keyboard texting for such a stylish little phone. Kudos, Kamihara! [iida via popwuping and mocoloco]